Thursday, June 3, 2010


I may not be known for being the most positive person in the world. I try. I try very hard to stay positive, but I'm up in my head worrying too much for it to last long. However, in the last week I have managed to find a state of peace and happiness. I currently don't have much going for me, but there is one thing that I have, and that everybody has, and it's hope. There is so much potential and hope in this world. The majority of the population does not seem to recognize that there is hope in any situation. It's the one thing that keeps me getting out of bed each day. Hope that I today will be different, things will get better, I'll meet someone new, I'll find a job, I'll be happy. I see hope when I look up into the summer sky and in the nature around me. I feel it when I talk to her. I feel it in the love from my family. I feel it in the potential of my friends and the people around me. It's everywhere. If you are ever feeling down, just know that there is always hope, you can climb out of the darkest corners in this world and rise up to have everything you ever wanted and dreamed of. And as long as I have hope, I can keep pushing forward, and becoming a better person.

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