Saturday, May 29, 2010

John Salley

I suggest everybody go to John Salley's website. It is full of great tips for life and how to improve yourself financially, spiritually, and your overall health. This is one of my favorite posts from his site, I just thought I'd share it, it's definitely worth reading.....

"Imagine life as a spiritual video game. You begin on level one. On level one there are good guys and bad guys. You shout and yell at the bad guys and they go away. You say things like, "God is in control of my life and evil must leave." On this level everything is very black and white, good and evil, right and wrong. You see the duality and it is 'real' to you. You are a victim of your circumstances, the victim of chaos. Level one's motto is: "I am nothing and God is everything." Here you fear God, as a matter of fact, you fear many things on this level. Many religious people live on this level and it appears to work for them. On this level, you believe and accept all that you have been taught. Then, you Awaken!

One day, you are reminded of who you are and you move to level two. On level two the pendulum must swing the other way. Many of you reject religion all together. Level two's motto is: "I am everything. I am God!" Things still look black and white, good and evil, right and wrong, yet there is a little more gray. On this level, you question things you were taught. Now you say, "I am in control of my life and evil must leave." You believe that you create it all, you are no longer a victim. You are in charge of your life and make order out of the chaos. You begin to 'Intend' everything from money to love to a front row parking place, and it works! You begin learning that your thoughts are things. You realize your power. You study everything you can get your hands on. This is an amazing time in your awakening process. Then, you Awaken!

Then you move to level three of the video game. On level three everything you did on levels one and two doesn't work anymore. The rules are very different here. Your affirmations and intentions don't work anymore. This is a confusing place to be. You feel lost. You no longer see things as black and white. The whole world begins to look gray. Your judgments about yourself and others are disappearing more and more. You are realizing that it is not just about you anymore. The motto on this level is: "I am the Co-Creator of my universe." You understand that there is a bigger picture than you ever thought. You begin to see that the only way to move through this level is with your Heart. You cannot think yourself through this level, you must Love your way through. You are beginning to practice being in the Now moment. You see past the chaos. The chaos is becoming smaller and less important. Then, you Awaken!

On level four you are in the Now moment and the doorway to full divinity opens up. You are no longer searching or doing. You are just BEING. You are in the World but not of the World. You see life for the illusion that it is. You see the divine comedy. You are a true Master. You understand that all is a paradox. BEING is everything and you are BEING. You are truly fully human and fully divine. The divine human walking on the Earth. You know that, "I am God, and I am nothing without God." It is like you are in a bubble of love and peace no matter what is happening outside of you. You see the connection of all things. You remember that you are still at HOME. You see that everything on earth is the mirror reflection of truth. You recognize all of the hints that you left for yourselves, by yourselves, to assist you in waking up. Remember the saying, "As above so below," it's true in more ways than you ever realized. You now have Heaven on Earth, within yourself. Chaos is still happening around you and you now are at peace. True inner joy and inner pe

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